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Recently I have been getting back into playing miniatures war games. This is in large part due to the release of Warcry by Games Workshop. Warcry is a skirmish level game that can be played in under an hour with warbands of around 7 – 10 models. The starter box literally comes with everything needed to play. This includes 2 warbands, a board, terrain, dice, and a ruler.

This week I headed out to my local game store, Montag’s Games in Pearland, and played two games of Warcry vs. Jeff and his Splintered Fangs. I brought out my Unmade for the first time, as you can see with both were lacking paint this time, and I am super impressed with how they did. I ended up losing both games, even though my killing power seemed higher. The scenarios can really be quiet fantastic, and you really have to focus on them in a game that only lasts 3 rounds.

Jeff’s terrain looks fantastic and we used it to get set up for game 1. My figure on the top of the building to the right was the objective. I was able to protect it very well throughout the first 2 rounds, but in the 3rd Jeff was able to get a few guys through and combined with some bad objective rolling on my part he was able to pull out a win.

the troops holding back the assault

The Ascended One’s were the superstars, along with the Blissful One, of the game. These three were able to hold off and pretty much eliminate his entire Shield deployment, including his leader who you can see here with just 3 wounds left. The Ascended One’s are a great asset to this warband.

i thought i had the center well in hand

The second game we played I totally messed up how we deployed, and I forgot to take pictures regardless, but it really emphasized the importance of having and using your abilities. It was a capture and hold scenario. Jeff was able to grab and run with the item. My Blissful One used his speed and abilities to catch up and NEARLY kill him, but I ran out of time and he was able to hold on.

Some lessons learned from the games this week. Positioning is super-critical, especially blocking up lanes to prevent double moves (or at least make them have to go WAY around). The rules for cover take a bit of thought, I think they make sense but there are some oddities. Most of all, pay very close attention to the scenario and don’t rush for the kill. You are most often going to win a 3 or 4 round game by the scenario, not a total kill.

This game is fantastic for someone that wants to play a miniatures game but doesn’t have the time to prep or play full Age of Sigmar or 40K games. Quick shout out to the YouTube channel Sword-n-Steele for getting me interested and excited for this game.

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  1. Jeff

    It’s very fun. It’s the minis game I have been waiting for. We need to paint the minis.

    1. SaBR

      Yes I really do need to get to painting those and assembling the other warbands that came in the core box. And of course in turn painting those as well

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